/ Turkey
Formation and setup of a service company
Staff recruitment, setup of all administrative structures and integration in corporate processes
Operation of service accounts for international telco, travel and petroleum industry

/ Switzerland
Restructuring and reorganisation a subsidiary of an outsourcing company
Revision and adjustment of the account organisation and the relating staff structures
Implementation of operational excellence, contribution accounting and daily margin tracker

/ South Korea
Consulting project „Data security in the European economic area“ for a Korean car manufacturer
Pilot project “Centralising Customer Satisfaction Research” for sales and service customers of a global car manufacturer

/ Hungary
Restructuring and reorganisation of the local book-of-the-month club
Reorganisation and process optimisation of the IT and customer care departments
Project lead “Shop productivity” as well as “Efficiency supply chain”
Overall leadership tasks and consulting of the local management board

/ France
Operational customer satisfaction analyses for French customers of a South Korean car manufacturer

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