Field of competence “Business Development”

/ You want to expand and create new services?

/ I will support you in the fields of “organic growth”, “cooperations” and “acquisitions” by
_ the preparation of business plans, sales strategies, national and international,
_ the development of new service models,
_ the assessment of acquisitions (Due Dilligence) as well as
_ the creation of cooperation agreements and bidding consortiums


Field of competence “Operations Management“

/ Your company wants to be more profitable, more efficient and to maximize your quality levels?


/ I support and take responsibility for the set-up, operations, relocation and if necessary, the closing of your service locations.

/ I will increase your profitability by applying proven and tested efficiency improvement programs.

/ I will improve and streamline cost structures in the operational part of your organization.


Field of competence “Key Account Management“

/ Your company is looking for support, in leading and servicing of existing customers, or in the acquisition of new customers?


/ I will take responsibility for tenders of your existing customers as well as your prospects. In addition to that, I am able to lead company overlapping bidding consortiums.

/ As well, I will be able to take P&L responsibility of your customer accounts.